Welcome to our site! Feel free to browse
through what we have to offer. My name is Al
Shoemaker. My son Josh and I build custom
handcrafted turkey calls. We use only the best
woods available to us and strive to build the
best turkey calls possible from each piece of
wood. Our top Priority is satisfied customers.
We strive to build calls that talk turkey and the
customer will be proud to own. Confidence in a
turkey call makes all the difference! That's why
there will never be a turkey call sent to a
customer that I wouldn't use myself. Our box
calls are very easy to play and each is hand
tuned to play the most realistic hen sounds
possible. If I can help in any way, just let me
know. Enjoy your visit!
SS Custom Calls, All rights reserved.
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Matthew 19:26 ...with
God all things are
Last updated December 30, 2016
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We will no longer be taking orders for Parquet style scratch
boxes. We will however be building a limited number of 50
parquet boxes per year. These will be made from only one
wood combination of our choosing each year. We hope to
have the one's for 2016 finished in July-August. If you're
interested in reserving one, please let me know. Thanks to
everyone who has purchased SS Custom Calls. It's very much
SS Custom Calls